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Questions about literature?

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Information Pamphlets

Links to some useful information pamphlets. Many more can be found at: Recovery Literature in English (US) (

am i an addict.png

Twenty-nine questions and some key considerations to help a drug user decide if he or she is an addict


For the addict who has just arrived in NA


An explanation of the basics of the NA program for addicts attending their first meeting


For those new to NA meetings and how groups can welcome them in an atmosphere of recovery


Suggestions to help the new NA member in his or her transition from treatment to continuing recovery in NA


Five positive thoughts for the recovering addict for living in the present


This pamphlet describes recovery in NA and identifies warning signs of relapse.


This pamphlet focuses on crises young people often face on the road to recovery.


This piece of literature reflects the shared experiences of NA members, including those who have found it necessary to seek outside help for mental health concerns and other members who are recovering alongside them.

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